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In my role as the newsroom's community engagement reporter:

I want to know what you want to know about. Or tell me your concerns. Or share something amazing that’s happening in your world so I can help shine a light on it. (After all, we could all use some good news these days). No question or tip is too small, too big, or too seemingly obvious.

I can help by seeking out the hard-to-find answers. I will take your questions and concerns to officials and experts. I will put their answers into context. I will listen to you and aim to share feelings and life experiences not commonly reflected in the news.

I will read, look and listen to everything you send me, and apply it. I won’t have all the answers immediately, and may not be able to respond directly to everyone, but your messages will inform my understanding as I investigate, report, keep our leaders accountable, and ask my own tough questions of others.

If you have a question or notice something you think I should be looking into, email me at, DM me on Twitter @carlamjavier, or fill out this form below.

Stories by Carla Javier

LA City Attorney turns up heat on short-term rental hosts

Charges were filed against four landlords who allegedly converted their L.A. apartment buildings into vacation rentals, violating zoning rules or the Ellis Act.

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We talked to the locals, many of them longtime residents, about what they think should be put in a time capsule to capture today's Highland Park.

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The state budget was passed today, but there’s still some unfinished business. Funding for affordable housing still hangs in the balance.

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The bill would streamline development by cutting the time spent on community input and environmental review. More than 50 leaders want the legislature to reject it.

LA Fire wants program for alcoholics who call 911 excessively

Last year, 40 people in L.A. accounted for 2,000 911 service calls. The Fire Department says most are alcoholics who should be shuttled to a sobriety center instead of the ER.

Backbone Trail opens Saturday after decades-long effort

Newly completed trail runs uninterrupted for 67 miles between Pacific Palisades and Malibu. Lack of campgrounds makes through-hiking difficult