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Los Angeles is the most diverse and interesting food city in the United States. It’s a place where street tacos are as revered as any 12-course omakase dinner — and rightly so. My job is to connect hungry Angelenos — through food — to the culture, history, people, and neighborhoods that make up our city.

Stories by Elina Shatkin

LA County Restaurants Can Reopen Outdoor Dining Tomorrow. But Are Restaurants Prepared?

If you're wondering why Los Angeles restaurants are being allowed to reopen for outdoor dining as Southern California's ICU capacity remains near zero and air quality regulators lift limits on the number of bodies crematoriums can burn, you are not alone. Some restaurateurs are just as confused.

Why Curry House's Sudden Closure Broke LA's Heart

The chain of casual restaurants specialized in hearty but homely Japanese curry. Why'd they all close — and seemingly out of nowhere? It's not a simple answer.

Former Staffers Accuse Owner Of Cafe Stella In Silver Lake Of Sexual Harassment

Five women and one man say restaurateur Gareth Kantner sexually harassed them -- and others.

This USC Student Got Paid To Investigate His School — And Discovered New Details About Major Sexual Misconduct Allegations

Campus physician Dr. Dennis Kelly has now been accused by 48 men of sexually abusing them during exams.

Why LocoL failed in Watts, according to Watts locals

"Instead of tacos they had foldies. We don't know what a foldy is. We don't eat foldies around here. We eat tacos."

2018 primary election: Newsom, Cox secure spots in general election for governor

Follow the latest on all the news from Tuesday's California primary election here, including updated results.

22 fantastic things to do this weekend in SoCal

From dachshunds, tarantulas and strawberries to wiener dog races, a vinyl swap meet and a royal wedding, your SoCal weekend is jampacked with fun events.

Figure skater Karen Chen, the 'Quiet Assassin,' gears up for Olympics

Like American men's champ Nathan, Karen Chen is 18 and a first-time Olympian. She also transforms into a powerhouse on the ice.

New bill would increase home school regulation

A Riverside County couple charged with torturing their 13 home-schooled children has sparked legislation to increase oversight of California's home schools.

Meet the SoCal athletes competing in the 2018 Winter Olympics

Ten athletes from Southern California are in South Korea competing in the 2018 Winter Olympics. It's a long road. Here's a little bit about how they got there.

Antelope Valley man dies while being arrested by sheriff's deputies

It happened in the backyard of a Lake Los Angeles home. The man was wanted on a felony charge of making criminal threats.

LA Rams win big at NFL awards

Rams head coach Sean McVay was named Coach of the Year, making him the youngest person to win the award at 31 years old.

P-23 mountain lion found dead near road

The big cat had been tracked almost her entire life, as she established her home range and had three litters of kittens.

Miss it? See what the rare super blue blood moon looked like

Early Wednesday morning brought a lunar event that hadn't been seen since 1866. Scientists say data gathered during the event could help them figure out where to land a rover on the moon.

California governor's forum gets contentious

The six candidates came out swinging at their first town hall. They weren't the only ones. A vocal crowd cheered and booed.