LA County Sheriff's Department to release information on deputy-involved shootings

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After a year of increased national attention on the use of force by police, the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department is promising to make certain details about shootings that involve its deputies available on its website this fall, said Carol Lin, the department's Director of Strategic Communications.

Details of the data sharing project came from Neal Tyler, the Executive Officer of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, who was a panelist during a recent KPCC live discussion about access to law enforcement records.

Tyler said the data wouldn't include the names of deputies, but it could include age, race and age of the deputy and the individual shot.

The commitment to make details about shootings available comes after a December 2014 report from the Office of Inspector General calling for more transparency.

The report — which looked at sheriff's departments in Austin, San Diego, Philadelphia and Chicago — concluded L.A. County had an opportunity and an incentive — to use its website to share as much information as possible with the public.

"In this regard, the Department is not keeping pace with law enforcement best practices employed by many of the other major law enforcement agencies in California and across the country," the report stated. "Current circumstances, however, create a timely opportunity for the LASD to take significant steps toward transparency."