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Fort Moore Memorial Restored, Complete With A New Time Capsule

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The Fort Moore Pioneer Memorial in Downtown LA has been fully restored.

The memorial, on Hill Street between Chinatown and Grand Park, depicts a ceremonial flag being raised over what was then Fort Moore on July 4, 1847. It features a glazed terra cotta bas-relief mural that stands more than 230 feet high, an 80-foot waterfall, an almost 70-foot-tall pylon with a giant eagle, and a flagpole. In 1977, the waterfall was shut off due to drought, and the rest fell into disrepair. 

While working, crews unearthed a time capsule from 1958. During a rededication on Wednesday, county officials replaced it with a new time capsule that includes photos from this year's teachers’ strike,  a tiara from a quinceañera, and a county pride pin.