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What separates wellness from illness?

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When David Agus was a young and ambitious new doctor, his mentors found his choice to join the oncology field mystifying. Cancer is prevalent in our society – it accounted for over 570,000 estimated deaths in the U.S. in 2011 alone. But it was precisely those harrowing numbers that inspired Agus to take a new approach to battling the disease.

Agus' cancer research led him to cast aside common practices and assumptions about illness in general - and the way our medical industry treats it. Agus found that too often we tend to think of illness as being about one body part or another – lung cancer, or heart disease, or an ear infection. But they’re all parts of the whole, and so are the means of treating and preventing them. That’s how you bring about, as his new book title says, the end of illness. In his book, Dr. Agus posits that the human body is a set of complex systems that should be treated together as a whole. Using examples from his research, the practice of medicine, and innovative storytelling, Agus attempts to shatter myths about healthy and unhealthy living and offers a path to wellness based on simple and inexpensive lifestyle changes.


What is wellness? Could there be radically different path to living a healthier life?


Dr. David B. Agus, MD, author, “The End of Illness;” founder, www.oncology.com; co-founder, Applied Proteometics and Navigenics