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Fresh Scares From 'The Invisible Man'

Elizabeth Moss and writer/director Leigh Whannel on the set of
Elizabeth Moss and writer/director Leigh Whannel on the set of "The Invisible Man."

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Now You See Him, Now You Don't

In the latest cinematic re-imagining of the classic H.G. Wells story, “The Invisible Man,” Elizabeth Moss plays a woman who breaks free from her controlling and abusive husband — or so she thinks. She soon finds herself being hunted in a way that’s very hard to prove. Moss’ character is brutalized but not believed. And the themes of abuse and gaslighting echo some of what the #MeToo movement has brought more sharply into focus. But director and screenwriter Leigh Whannel says all that came later. First there was a casual meeting with Universal. He relays his story to John Horn.

Berning His Opponents

What's so funny about Super Tuesday? Well, plenty — if you ask a group of comedians who are backing Bernie Sanders. The Frame contributor Marcos Nájera attended a comedy night benefit for Sanders at Largo and talks with John about what he heard.

Inside A Song By Vagabon

When Laetitia Tamko started making her second album under the name Vagabon, she really wanted to produce the entire thing on her own. It would be a new sound, and producing was still a relatively new skill to her, but she wanted to tackle it head-on, and do it all herself. On the song, “Water Me Down,” Laetitia actually has a co-producer, Eric Littmann. It’s the one exception to her otherwise entirely self-produced album. In this excerpt from the Song Exploder podcast, she breaks down how she and Littmann made the song, and why it was worth making that exception.