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Steve Coogan Buys Into 'Greed'

Steve Coogan stars as a self-centered wealthy businessman in
Steve Coogan stars as a self-centered wealthy businessman in "Greed."

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It's Not His Fault They're Poor

Steve Coogan has often found humor in odious, narcissistic characters. And in the new film, "Greed," he does it again. It's a satire about income inequality told through the story of a fictional fashion mogul played with precision by Coogan. He's got blow-dried locks, a perma-tan, blindingly white fake teeth, and a young girlfriend — and he's throwing an elaborate birthday party for himself on a Greek island. The film is written and directed by Michael Winterbottom, who has partnered with Coogan numerous times, including on "The Trip" movies. "Greed" is more scripted than those largely improvised character pieces. Coogan talks with John Horn about how they put real world issues of exploited garment workers in Asia and Syrian refugees in Greece alongside this flamboyant billionaire in an effort to get people to think about the super rich and super poor.

Whither SxSW?

John talks with Dan Solomon of Texas Monthly about the fate of SxSW. The annual culture conference is slated for March 13-22, but there is pressure to cancel the massive event in Austin because of the coronavirus. Facebook, Twitter and the CW Network have already pulled out. What's at stake for the conference and the Austin economy? 

One Last KISS Goodbye

Fans of hard rock and heavy metal aren’t particularly known for exploring their vulnerabilities and emotions. But with rock pioneers KISS on their last tour ever, The Frame contributor Paul Ratliff, a lifelong fan, wanted to explore the emotional bond he and other fans have to the band — a bond that often goes beyond the makeup and theatrics.