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Tough To 'Swallow,' Hard To Watch

Haley Bennett stars in “Swallow” as a young woman with a disorder that causes her to eat dangerous objects.
Haley Bennett stars in “Swallow” as a young woman with a disorder that causes her to eat dangerous objects.

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Her Dangerous Diet

(Starts at 9:00)

Actress Haley Bennett’s latest film, “Swallow,” is about a young wife whose toxic relationship forces her to confront her past traumas. It’s partially based on the life of writer and director Carlos Mirabella Davis’ grandmother, who was institutionalized for obsessive hand-washing. In the case of Bennett’s character, Hunter, she compulsively begins eating dangerous objects — a psychological disorder known as pica. Bennett spoke with John Horn about how the film is an allegory for the way women struggle daily for control over their own bodies.

Covid Causing Sour Notes

(Starts at :45)

Chris Willman of Variety talks with John about how the music industry is being affected by the coronavirus. The Universal Music Group has pulled out of SxSW and the Ultra Music Festival has been canceled, as have been many concert in the U.S. and around the world.

The Pan Afrikan People’s Arkestra Lives!

(Starts at 20:00)

For nearly four decades, until his death in 1998, composer, pianist and bandleader Horace Tapscott led the Pan Afrikan People’s Arkestra — a freewheeling ensemble of musicians dedicated to making music for, about and with the South Los Angeles community. More than 20 years after Tapscott’s passing, the Ark is as active as ever, thanks to the release of newly discovered material, and the group’s traditions are being passed down from generation to generation. The Frame contributor Steven Cuevas has the story.