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Will Cannes Survive The Virus?

The fate of the Cannes Film Festival is up in the air as the coronavirus spreads through Europe.
The fate of the Cannes Film Festival is up in the air as the coronavirus spreads through Europe.

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Crisis On The Croisette?

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John Horn talks with Variety's international editor Manori Ravindran about the fate of the Cannes Film Festival, which is "among a number of events in France hanging in the balance in the face of the coronavirus outbreak and the government’s recent ban on gatherings of more than 1,000 people. In the event of a cancellation, however, the festival won’t be able to rely on an insurance claim. The festival was given the opportunity by its insurance company, Circle Group, to purchase a buy-back option covering epidemics and pandemics around 10 days ago, and surprisingly declined it, according to a source at Circle Group, a leading insurance company."

A Woman's Hard-To-Find Right

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The new film "Never Rarely Sometimes Always" gets its title from a questionnaire that clinics such as Planned Parenthood use when doing intakes with patients. Writer-director Eliza Hittman should know — she spent months visiting clinics, pretending to need a pregnancy test, and sitting through sessions with counselors. Some directed her toward adoption, others toward medical answers to her needs. It was all part of researching a fictional story she wanted to root in reality. The movie is about a teenage girl in rural Pennsylvania who has an unwanted pregnancy, but needs to leave her hometown to find a safe place to get an abortion. The release of the film this week is timely given a current Supreme Court case about a law covering clinics that perform abortions in Louisiana.

A Bilingual Moth

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Tonight in Silverlake, people of all stripes will pack inside the Los Globos bar, step up to the mic and tell stories. Judges will vote and someone will be crowned the winner. It’s a somewhat regular event held by the popular storytelling community known around the world as The Moth.  But here in L.A. recently, The Moth did something special just for our town — the first Spanish-language StorySlam. The Frame contributor Marcos Nájera was our fly on the wall.