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New 2nd Amendment Protections In Missouri Split Law Enforcement

Carlos Moreno/KCUR 89.3
| Missouri's new gun law, which imposes a $50,000 fine on any state or local official who enforces a federal gun law that is not also state law, has a "chilling effect" on some police.

4 More Victims Identified In Florida Condo Collapse


The official death toll is nine, with 152 people still unaccounted for. The mayor urged family members of those missing to have their DNA swabbed so that it can be matched with any remains found.

The Death Toll From The Surfside Building Collapse Now Stands At 9


Eight people were pulled out of the rubble, and one victim passed away at the hospital, officials said on Sunday. Another 150 people remain missing.

Surfside Official Told Residents Their Building Was Safe, Despite Engineer's Warning


An engineering report in Oct. 2018 warned of "major structural damage" in the Florida building that collapsed last week. The next month, a town inspector said the building was in "very good shape."

A Hot Air Balloon Crashed On A New Mexico Street After Hitting Power Line, Killing 5


The Saturday morning crash on a busy street in Albuquerque left all five people on board the balloon dead, including the parents of a prison transport officer with the city's police department.

Top Tier Crews Continue Rescue Efforts In Florida


The Miami-Dade based Florida Task Force-1 is just one of several specialized groups on the ground in Surfside. They deploy to disasters across the globe, but now, they're needed at home.

After Florida Condo Disaster, State Lists Ways To Help Victims


Some of the building's residents need specific items: officials are working to provide displaced families with bassinets, pack n' plays, strollers and gift cards.

Minneapolis Reacts To Chauvin Sentence With Fury And Hope


Though it's highly rare for a police officer to be handed such a heavy sentence, many expressed disappointment. Others see it as a winning precedent that promises future accountability.

A Surfside, Fla., Priest Waits And Prays For News Of Missing Parishioners


The Rev. Juan Sosa's St. Joseph Church sits near the site of the collapsed condominium. "I do believe in hope," he told NPR.